In the News from Panama

Architecture Site Spotlights Panama City Design

Arch Daily, one of the most popular online publications for the architecture industry, recently sent a photographer to Panama City to explore the capital’s growing design scene.

The photo essay by Marc Goodwin takes you inside the offices of eight different firms, representing various sizes and levels of sophistication, from a studio with five employees to a firm with 200 employees. Offices range from a converted house to sleek designs in skyscrapers, spotlighting the diversity and growth of the city’s design industry.

“Looking outside and in, he captured both the spaces where designers work and glimpses into the city itself,” the publication notes.

The focus on the Panama design industry is timely, given the city’s architectural and style renaissance. Throughout the capital, there are buildings and spaces that surprise and capture your attention. Buyers are gravitating toward style, appreciating the work of top international designers.

We are the broker for the Hyde by Wanders and Yoo, which is bringing a whole new level of design and style to Panama City. We’ve seen the impact great design can have on buyers. It’s great to see the reactions on their faces when they see that distinctive Yoo flair and the interiors by Marcel Wanders.

The ArchDaily feature focuses on the designs for different work environments, but it also shows off many of the best elements of the city. Check out the views from some of the offices and the charm of the city streets.

The Arch Daily photo essay can be found here.