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Bringing Hyde Renders to Life: What You See is What You Get

For many property buyers, renderings of upcoming projects are often a source of frustration. In many cases, the drawings have little to do with the finished product — they are simply the preliminary drawings, with details evolving as construction moves forward. When the project is finished, buyers are shocked to find the completed project has little resemblance to the renderings.

This topic of renderings came up during a recent conversation with Budy Attie, president of Durex Property Group, which is developing the Hyde by Wanders & Yoo. The rendering process for the two towers, located in the heart of Panama City, was different than other projects, he said.

Hyde Panama – Marcel Wanders First Sky Lounge Sketches

Hyde Panama – Sky Lounge Final Render

“The rendering is something that the developers use to sell apartments,” Budy said. “But most of the time the rendering has no relationship with the finished product. It’s somebody playing with a computer design to try to make the space look nice.”

But design and style is no small deal for the Hyde. It’s the essence of the project. Designer Marcel Wanders and the Yoo team were deeply involved from the beginning of the development, which means the pre-construction renderings reflect their very special vision for the project.

“The renderings that we show were designed by Marcel Wanders,” Budy said. “So what the customer will receive is almost exactly what he’s looking at in the picture.”

Hyde Panama – Marcel Wanders First Sky Building Sketches (Left) and Final Render (Right)

This is an important change for buyers, who can feel secure that the renderings for the Hyde actually reflect the plans for the finished project. There is a comfort level to the involvement of the designers in the early stages, and it is much different than in many others projects, which might have a “brand” or designer attached to a project.

On many projects, a “designer for hire” usually enters the project late in the process and may add a few touches to the design. The involvement of a brand may have little impact on the actual design, except for a lobby or a restaurant.



The Yoo and Marcel Wanders connection to the Hyde extends much deeper – and the renderings are a good example. Budy notes that it gives the developer more credibility when clients can look back and see that the drawings actually represented what was built. It’s one reason we’re seeing many renters and buyers in the Yoo Panama, which finished a few years ago, invest in the Hyde.

With Yoo, what you see is what you get.