In the News from Panama

Ford Invests in Panama Students

U.S. carmaker Ford continues to expand its connections with Panama through the Ford Motor Company Fund, the company’s philanthropic arm.

 The group recently held an event for 300 middle school students from vulnerable areas in Panama for “high-energy and goal-setting activities.” The company’s group has invested more than $400,000 in “scholarships, grants, and resources in Panama,” according to a company press release.

 While it is always great to see big corporations give back to the community, this also represents another example of the close ties between U.S. companies and Panama. Ford has done business in Panama for decades and the connection goes beyond the annual sales numbers.

 According to Ford, the company has “positively impacted over 20,000 students in Panama” since 2015. Scholarships and school grants are administered by United Way Panama.

 “It’s an honor for Ford Fund to be able to put these talented students on a path towards a brighter future,” said Joe Ávila, manager, community development, U.S. & Latin America, Ford Motor Company Fund.

 The most recent event staged at the Panama W, also featured an appearance by singer Erika Ender, percussionist and singer, Alfredo Hidrovo, and professional swimmer and Paralympic athlete César Barría, who spoke about “the importance of education and the determination to not abandon their dreams in the face of possible obstacles.”