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How Can We Guarantee a 6% ROI?

We’re receiving a great response to our new “Guaranteed 6% ROI” program, which has clearly caught the attention of our investor clients. It’s not hard to see why. While the stock market is on a roller coaster, we’ve worked with local developers to devise a turnkey program with stable, guaranteed cash flow, in quality apartments in the heart of Panama City.

There are no twists or fineprint loopholes in the program. The income is guaranteed from day one, the moment the documents are signed, and apartments start in the mid-$200,000s.

But the one question I’m hearing repeatedly is pretty simple: How can you offer a return so much higher than prime rates?

It’s a valid question. Here’s the answer: For one, we have a long-standing relationship with the developer, one of Panama’s most reputable and experienced builders. That alone removes many of the unknowns in the equation. The developer is not going anywhere and the management team knows the Panama City markets very, very well.

We can offer this commitment because we–the developer and Punta Pacifica Realty–have a firm understanding of the fundamentals driving the market. Panama’s economy is strong, with a solid foundation, which has nothing to do with the current crisis. International agencies expect Panama’s GDP to grow 4 to 6 percent, which helps create a steady stream of renters. 

These apartments in the ROI Program all fit the criteria for success in Panama. They are in great locations in exclusive areas of the city, which makes them very attractive to executives working in Panama City. The amenity loaded exclusive locations will always be in style, which removes a large amount of uncertainty about the rental prospects.

This is not a guessing game for us. At PPR, we have 10 years of experience renting in the Panama luxury real estate market. As the largest property management company in Panama, we have the largest and most eligible database of rental activity in the city. Our success as a property manager gives us unique insight into apartments that generate consistent income in Panama.

All these factors allow us to offer this unprecedented 6% guarantee with complete confidence.  And there is one other element to consider: This program is only for a limited block of apartments. We’re not offering this deal to everybody.

If you have more questions, this is the time to ask.

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Duncan McGowan is President of Punta Pacifica Realty, the largest sales, rental, and property management firm in Panama City.