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The Hyde by Wanders and Yoo is one of the success stories of the Panama City property market, with investors and residents looking for a new home snatching up units in the city’s most discussed project.

As the exclusive sales agent for Hyde, we recently embarked on a research project to analyze what was selling and why. We know buyers are responding to the quality, location, and one-of-a-kind designer elements of the Hyde, which features the unique style of YOO and designer Marcel Wanders. But we wanted to go deeper and examine the available options and how they fit with different buyers.

Hyde by Wanders and Yoo Render, And Current Construction Progress.

As the largest luxury property management firm in Panama City, we focused the analysis on the potential return on investment for investors, as well as the long-term potential for resale and broad market appeal. We studied the patterns of the thousands of rentals we’ve contracted in the luxury market over the past 10 years and what rented best and what best appealed to investors. Our research found that each apartment choice is appealing to different segments for different reasons. 

One-bedroom Apartments

Air Tower Living Room

One-bedroom apartments are particularly appealing to younger executives working for multinational companies. They are typically single and with a lower housing allowance so the one-bedroom option is a perfect fit for them. They are also the preferred choice of expats relocating to Panama and looking to rent for a year while they find their perfect property to buy.

All the one-bedrooms at Hyde have a unique appeal, but we have identified six that stand out as the top PPR picks for premium rental units. This is based on their particular layout and position in the building. With the appeal of the smaller units, these specific six will be highly sought after and will fetch higher per-square-meter rents. Increased demand will also translate to higher occupancy rates and higher ROIs. (We don’t expect these units to last. Don’t miss out. Contact us now for more information.)

Two-bedroom apartments

Earth Tower Living Room

Two-bedroom units are currently the most popular rental size in luxury properties in Panama City. They are popular with mid-level executives working for multinational companies who want more space and use the second bedroom as a home office and guest room. They are also appreciated by small families, which gives them broad appeal.

With this in mind, the two bedrooms in the luxury rental market have typically been the most popular rental properties for executives from multinational companies. For investors, they offer a great opportunity for large value appreciation as well as steady ROI. Hyde also offers two-bedroom units with maid quarters, an option that currently does not exist in the luxury market in Panama City and offers buyers and renters additional flexibility.

Three-bedroom apartments

Hyde Amazing Pool Area

The three-bedroom units are game-changers for the Panama City luxury market. None of the other luxury buildings in the heart of downtown Panama City offer a 3-bedroom option with maids quarters of this size, at these price points. In our analysis, there is an extremely high demand for this type of apartment, which will fill a much-needed niche in the city.  More importantly, there will be no competition as no other building offers this option. We all know that unique, exclusive and limited inventory translates to high demand, high occupancy, high returns and a huge upside for appreciation.


The combination of the size, the unique luxury appeal of the Hyde and the low supply will make the 3-bedroom units very appealing to buyers and renters alike. They won’t last long.

To get details on pricing and specific ROI figures contact me now.