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Mariano Rivera to Represent Panama Tourism

Newly-minted Hall of Famer Mariano Rivera is the new face of Panama tourism.

The New York Yankees legend and Panama native is starring in a campaign developed by the Tourism of Authority to promote Panama to North America. Not coincidentally, Rivera was inducted into the Hall on July 21, making the timing ideal for Panama to leverage his star power.

 “What is Panama?” Rivera says in the ad. “It is a paradise, a relaxed place, of history, of adventures. It’s time to relax. And let’s go.”

 The ads will be distributed across TV and social media, with a focus on the northeast, where Rivera is one of the most popular sports figures in recent history. He was a unanimous selection to the Hall and widely considered the best closer in baseball history.

 In many ways, you couldn’t find a better spokesperson than Mariano. He has been an exemplary citizen for both baseball and Panama. He’s beloved for both his work on the field and off the field.

 The campaign will also be used in other parts of the country, taking advantage of the tide of publicity that accompanied Rivera’s Hall of Fame induction. Ads will focus on several of Panama’s attributes, including the low cost of travel and the variety of experiences available, according to media reports.

 Tourism is still considered an under-developed part of Panama’s economy. This campaign is the latest step toward changing that, as the government spends more money to promote the country.