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Meet Jennifer Champsaur, PPR’s New Sales Manager

In her new role as sales manager of Punta Pacifica Realty, Jennifer Champsaur will play an important role in growing the sales team and assuring that every investor and home buyer receives exceptional service.

A Panama native, she brings a wide variety of expertise and experience to the role, including four years as Deputy Minister of Tourism for Panama, working to develop the national strategy to promote the country as a travel destination. Earlier in her career, she served as the International Sales Manager of the Miami JW Marriott Hotel, driving positioning in regional and global markets, and Sales Manager at the Panama Marriott.

 In an interview, she discusses her background, the allure of Panama, and her new responsibilities. Her philosophy: it’s all about long-term relationships.

  • What incident or person most shaped your professional career?

My mom. My mom has had a long and successful career in tourism. All my memories since I was 7 years old were seeing her going to work every day. All my memory recalls is of her, working in the tourism sector, putting Panama’s name on the map for all international clients. 

  • What did you learn about the best ways to market Panama during your time in the Ministry of Tourism?

Knowing how to promote Panama is definitely the key. Not every market segment is looking for the same kind of things. Panama has outstanding connectivity, hotel infrastructure, economic stability, and those are key factors when considering the destination for a meeting, convention, or incentive group. We have two convention centers and more than 30,000 hotel rooms in the city, which can accommodate those kinds of groups, and they generate a great impact. Besides the meetings and events, we have the leisure segment. Panama is a small country with a lot to offer visitors: adventure, shopping, culture, nature, nightlife, mountains. It’s the only place where you can have breakfast in the Pacific and lunch in the Caribbean. Panama is so much more than the Panama Canal. We connect the world.

  • Where do you see the big opportunities to market Panama in the future?

Definitely, real estate, which represents more than 13% of our GDP. Panama has a privileged geographical position and a solid banking and financial structure. We have few threats of natural disasters, and there is significant stability in both the political and legal structure. The fact we use the U.S. dollar as our currency also drives confidence and stability in Panama as a destination. Living conditions in general in Panama are quite positive and this is a key factor in driving interest in our real estate market.

  • Why did you join PPR?

I was looking for new growth opportunities and the possibility to continue contributing to Panama as the best destination to live, invest or visit. PPR is one of the most recognized real estate companies in Panama with more than 10 years of experience in selling, renting, and managing property. This made me very interested in PPR as a place to further develop my abilities and continue to promote Panama. Most importantly, I was really taken by PPR’s focus on building long-term relationships with our customers, who become part of our family. 

  • What do you hope to bring to your new role?

After three months with the company, I have seen people from many different countries looking to invest or searching for a second home. I’m passionate about using my strong knowledge of Panama and my experience in outstanding customer service to give our customers a fantastic, personalized experience and drive their satisfaction. 

  • What should investors know about what is happening in the Panama market?

Panama is a country with opportunities for everyone. It’s a small country with 4.2 million people. It has a very stable economy and political sector, and this offers important guarantees for investors. According to the World Bank, Panama’s economy is expected to grow 5.1% in the next year. The real estate sector plays a fundamental role in the local economy and is actually third on the list of contributing sectors in GDP. We have the two most active ports in Latin America (Balboa and Cristobal), and of course, Panama is a very important air traffic hub, with flights going out to 90 destinations in over 30 nations. 

  • Where are the opportunities in the market these days?

There are huge opportunities in commerce, both wholesale distribution, and retail. The development of transportation infrastructure is also an interesting opportunity. Construction and real estate activity continue to be areas with great opportunities for growth. Panama has more than 170 multinational companies that are always looking for relocations and that is a very good opportunity.

  • What is your personal philosophy about how to serve clients?

I’ve always been passionate about building strong, lasting relationships with clients, which, again, is one thing that drew me to PPR. Finding success professionally means making sure your clients are also finding success and getting what they need, whether it’s that perfect home or a great return on investment. In my experience this is achieved when you understand your clients well, have a deep working knowledge of the product and the sector, and are passionate about building successful, lasting professional relationships.

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