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More Reasons to Retire in Panama

Another international writer is spotlighting Panama’s famously open-armed policy to international retirees.

In the article, “9 Reasons Panama Is Popular With Retirees Looking To Live Internationally” on the TravelAwaits site, author Cindy Barks details many of the best reasons Panama routinely shows up on the lists of “best places in the world to retire.” She is clearly a fan of Panama.

“Panama’s abundant natural attributes alone make the Central American country an obvious choice for retirees,” she writes. “It’s hard to argue with lovely beaches, lush green rain forests, and a warm tropical climate.”

But she also makes it clear that Panama’s attraction to retirees is not all about the weather. “Add in excellent and affordable healthcare and a retirement visa that offers steep discounts to seniors, and the case is even stronger for retiring to the little isthmus nation,” Barks writes.

This is a timely topic. Whenever there is turmoil in the world, we also see an uptick in interest in retirees, who are looking to take full advantage of Panama’s world-renown openness to international buyers. Last year, the government released its own version of a Golden Visa, offering a new, simple path to residency for home buyers.

Bark’s list isn’t much different than many of these types of lists. She notes the ease to get to Panama, the beaches, and the low cost of living. But her biggest reason might be the one most often overlooked: “the friendly people.” She also talked to ex-pats, who shared their stories.

“The main advantage is that we feel welcome here,” one retiree said. “For the most part, everyone has been so kind and helpful.”

If nothing else, it’s always fun to read about Panama through the eyes of a fan. You can see how the country affects people, in different ways.

“I have yet to get back to Panama to live full time, but the laid-back little beach towns and the charming cities continue to call my name,” she wrote.