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Mysterious Monolith Appears in Panama City

One of the world’s great mysteries has landed in the heart of Panama City. On Monday, without warning, a silver monolith appeared on the observation deck of  The Ocean Club, surprising visitors and residents.

Like the monoliths found around the rest of the world, it’s appearance created a lot of questions. How did it get there? What does it mean? 

These were the same questions that people were asking when the first monolith appeared in the Utah desert, creating a media frenzy and sparking many amateur detectives to rush to the scene. A few days later, the monolith was gone. But new monoliths have appeared around the world, including in Romania and the California mountains.

It’s a mystery that has sparked people’s imagination. What are the monoliths and where are they coming from? Could it be aliens? A bizarre performance art piece? A novel marketing scheme?

Nobody knows for sure. But we can confirm there is a strange silver pillar sitting in the middle of The Ocean Club’s observation deck. And you don’t see that every day. So far, Ocean Club management is mum about when the monolith appeared and how it got there.

The one thing we know for sure? The monolith in Panama City has a great view.