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Ocean Reef Project Joins Elite Global Club

Here’s the question for property buyers: what really sets a home apart? What makes it different? Why will it be a special place to live and a good investment?

Like many other things of great worth, the value of the real estate is often established by scarcity — the rare amenity or feature that can’t be found anywhere else. If you have something unusual and special, it will always be in demand. 

The Skyhomes development on Ocean Reef Islands is a good example. A boutique project of 12 special homes overlooking the Ocean Reef marina, Skyhomes stands out, even amid the luxury developments on the man-made islands in Panama Bay. 

There are a wide range of amenities and special features in Skyhomes — designer homes with fantastic bay views, beautiful layouts, and top-quality everything — but one feature stands out above all the rest: each home has its own private pool, gardens, and terrace.

This is no postage stamp patio and elongated bathtub. It’s a real terrace with a private pool, summer kitchen, and garden space. It’s a completely unique, private space, extended in the air (in most cases) with spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and the city. 

Many developments may talk about the outdoor living experience; at Skyhomes it’s a reality.

There are only a handful of projects around the world that can compare. You need to go to Miami, Singapore, or Dubai to find this type of outdoor living space in such a spectacular waterfront setting. That these homes are available in a building with only 12 apartments with a one-of-a-kind architectural style developed specifically for this spot makes it all that much more special and unique.

That’s one reason why Skyhomes has been selling so quickly. We see people’s reactions when they start focusing on the terrace and the private pool. There is excitement. They can’t believe the size. And then they start to envision what life will be like living in Skyhomes.  

It’s hard to put a value on a scarce commodity. In Miami, units in Porsche Design Tower, which advertises outdoor spaces with a private pool, start at $5.6 million. A waterfront home with a private pool on Palm Jumeirah is $6.7 million. The price is set by what people are willing to pay for that special space, the outdoor, ocean breeze living environment that no other home can offer.

People pay the price because they know it’s a rare commodity. They fall in love and they know it will be a good investment because someone else will always fall in love with the home in the same way. And they know that once that rare item is gone, it’s gone and they won’t find another one quite the same. 

At this point, there are only 3 residences left in Skyhomes. It’s been one of the quickest selling developments in Panama City. People recognize a rare find.

For more information on Skyhomes, e-mail or call me to get all the additional details and floorplans.

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