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One Investor’s Reasons for Choosing Panama Real Estate

Every buyers has a story about why they decided to buy real estate in Panama. And every buyer has their own set of criteria and priorities.

Buying real estate in a foreign country is a complicated and important decision, whether you’re a second-home buyer or simply an investor looking for a good deal. When you talk to buyers and investors, no two stories are exactly alike

This weekend I came across one story that I thought I would share. A blogger named Mark Nestmann, who describes himself as a “consumer protection advocate,” offered extensive detail on why he chose to buy in Panama over other countries.

He was mainly interested in a safe place to move in case, as he puts it, the “s**t hits the fan” in the United States. We see a lot of these types of buyers these days. They are worried about the economic, political and cultural trends in the United States and they are looking for an alternative, in case things go bad.

“In choosing Panama as my personal ‘bug out’ location, I went through a comprehensive evaluation of that country versus several other possible alternatives,” Mr. Nestmann writes.

His extensive evaluation list is worth checking out. He includes everything from the ability to establish residency, the cost of living and infrastructure to privacy rights and “freedom vs. security.”

“Panama passed most of these tests with flying colors,” he concluded. And he uses his blog to explain why Panama real estate passed the test.

You may not agree with his rationale. His criteria and priorities may be different than yours. But he lays out his decision-making process in very specific style, making it clear why he chose Panama over other possible destinations, including Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

If nothing else, he describes a process every potential buyer or investor should follow. He listed his priorities and then researched answers, a smart procedure for any real estate buyer to follow.

You can read the full article here.

Duncan McGowan is president of Punta Pacifica Realty, a Panama real estate agency focused on Punta Pacifica, the exclusive neighborhood of 18 towers perched on the edge of the Pacific Ocean.

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