In the News from Panama

Panama Flights Lead Region for Punctuality

Good news for travelers to Panama. Copa Airlines is the most punctual airline in the region, according to a new industry study.

Copa flights arrived on time “an impressive” 92.14% of the time in March, reports Cirium, the aviation analytics firm. It’s an impressive stat: the company defines “on-time performance” as “an aircraft arrival at the gate under 15 minutes of the scheduled arrival time.”

Copa is often at the top of the research, which is an important data point for anyone doing business in Panama or living here. You want to be able to depend on your flight connections. Copa is one of the fastest-growing airlines in the world, with direct flights around the world, helping to make Panama the “Hub of the Americas.”

Tocumen International Airport is the second-most punctual medium-sized airport in the world, according to a new industry study. Flights out of Tocumen left on time an average of 92.15% of the time. (For the record, Japan’s Osaka International Airport was number one.)

The big takeaway from the data? The recently expanded Tocumen is handling Panama’s growth. Tocumen added a second terminal and more airlines are flying to Panama, but Tocumen is servicing the airlines in an efficient fashion, the report suggests.

Raffoul Arab, general manager of Tocumen Airport said that punctuality reflects the work of a wide variety of players working together, including regulatory authorities, airlines, and the companies in the logistics chain.

“We are committed to the continuous improvement of punctuality indicators and efficiency for the benefit of our passengers,” he said.