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Panama Named World’s Best Retirement Spot

Panama has once again been named the best retirement spot in the world by International Living, citing the country’s “perfect tropical storm” of benefits for retirees.

Panama beat out of Costa Rica, Mexico, Spain, and the other top hot spots in the world on International Living’s Global Retirement Index, which rates destinations in categories ranging from housing and benefits to healthcare and cost of living.

This is not the first time Panama has topped the list for IL, which notes that “some of the best things in life remain the same.” Panama is perennially ranked among the top retirement destinations by a wide variety of publications and organizations, thanks to its welcoming environment and generous support for retirees. 

“When it comes to overall benefits and value, Panama is very tough to beat,” writes International Living author Jessica Ramesch, who has lived in Panama for more than 15 years. “It’s what you get when myriad pros come together to create the perfect tropical storm.”

The report lists the many ways Panama is attractive to retirees, including the climate, real estate, recreation activities, and the ease of travel. Ramesch also dispels some of the myths about Panama.

“People who’ve never been here tend to assume it’s very Third World, but I have reliable power, water that I can drink straight from the tap, high-speed internet, and excellent cell phone service,” she wrote. “For 35 cents I can hop on Central America’s only metro line and zip downtown in 10 minutes.”

IL refers to Panama as “Central America’s powerhouse,” and notes that Panama is also one of the first countries expected to rebound from the recent global slowdown. “Panama was perfectly poised to weather the financial and health-related storm, with excellent healthcare and a strong economy that was bound to bounce back,” Ramesch wrote.

The IL Global Retirement Index is billed as “the most comprehensive and in-depth survey of its kind.” While not scientific, IL says the results are “informed by hundreds of opinions and real-life experiences—information—compiled by our trusted sources in the best retirement destinations across the globe.”