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Panama’s ‘Golden Visa’ Grows More Valuable

European countries are backing away from their “golden visa” programs, which will increase interest in Panama and its attractive Red Carpet Visa.

Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, and Ireland are among the countries that have recently decided to cancel their Golden Visa programs for real estate purchases. There are many reasons for the change in policy, from the Ukraine war to shortages of housing stock in some countries. 

For Panama, that means the competition is dwindling. The Red Carpet Visa remains one of the world’s most attractive residency deals, offering a path to residency for as little as $300,000. The Red Carpet Visa is also one of the easiest to earn, with an application process that can be handled remotely in less than 30 days.

While other countries have wavered, Panama’s government continues using the visa program to attract more foreign investment. Panama is known for its welcoming policy. With so much of the economy tied to trade and tourism, the government embraces a visa system that makes it easy for people who want to invest in the country and make it part of their future.

The Red Carpet Visa program greatly drives Panama’s real estate industry. At PPR, people always ask about the program and see it as one of the real benefits of buying in Panama. Buyers like the idea of feeling connected and part of the country, especially investors who want to spend time on their investments.

With fewer options in Europe, we expect Panama’s visa program to attract more attention and provide a steady stream of buyers and renters checking out the city. The Red Carpet Visa is the type of support that makes Panama one of the world’s most stable and consistent international property markets. 

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