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PPR Virtual Tours Lead to Rentals

Panama is on lockdown, but new technology is helping PPR fulfill the needs of our owners and renters.

Last July we formed a partnership with technology company Matterport to provide state-of-the-art 3D tours of select properties. Now we’re happy the technology is in place, as we are able to continue to connect clients, while still following safety procedures.

Last week, we signed a deal to rent a 3-bedroom apartment in the JW Marriott Ocean Club, 48 hours after we posted a virtual 3D tour of the apartment. The new tenant will sign the lease agreement digitally.

“He saw the video, sent the link to his family and literally called me 30 minutes later to say, ‘Tell the owner the apartment is mine,’” says PPR representative Jose Collado.

The new tenant responded to the detail and high quality of the tour, Collado says. He was also able to evaluate the quality of the furniture and measure the exact sizes of the spaces. “He really appreciated the ability to zoom into different areas, look up and down, and even go out to the balcony to see the ocean view, ” Collado says. “He felt he had everything he needed to close the deal.”

Meanwhile, the connection was also good news for the owner, who was able to get his apartment rented in a difficult logistical climate.

Click The Image to Access The Full Virtual Tour Experience

These 3D property tours are offered exclusively to our property management clients to help set apart their properties from the rest of the market. Now they can help facilitate transactions while we all follow the health guidelines of Panama’s government.

The virtual technology developed by Matterport really sets the industry standard, allowing users the ability to really explore a property in a multi-dimensional experience. The tool can make floor plans with a margin of error of 1 percent or less, with measurements specific enough to send to an interior designer. It is also possible to extract high-quality pictures or make “dollhouse” views to allow users to see the entire layout of the property.

With the PPR virtual tour, there are no surprises or unknowns–renters and buyers see exactly what they are going to get in the apartment. Potential renters can make an in-depth connection to a property, while owners are able to show off their property in a stunning, contact-free presentation.

PPR uploaded five new 3D tours in the last week alone, as more owners take advantage of the virtual technology. Interested in learning more?

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