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Punta Pacifica Gets Raves from International Biz Site

A reporter from Business Insider, the well-regarded international business site, spent 24 hours in Punta Pacifica and went home a big fan of life in “Little Dubai.”

“After less than 24 hours in the neighborhood, I tasted fresh ceviche, swam in the most luxurious pool of my life, and saw impressive condos people spent years dreaming of,” Business Insider writer Monica Humphries writes.

Her expert source for all things Punta Pacifica was PPR president Duncan McGowan, who gave her all the insights into the history of the area and the current property market. He also provided a personal perspective on life in the walkable neighborhood.

“I bought myself a new car in August,” Duncan told the reporter. “I was driving it yesterday morning, and when I looked the car had 2,100 kilometers on it.”

Humphries stayed at the J.W. Marriott, learned about the Dubai-level Ocean Reef islands, and ate at Masi, getting the full Punta Pacifica experience. In her short stay, Humphries was able to get what Punta Pacifica is all about from that newbie perspective. 

“It’s easy to see how this neighborhood earned its reputation as the Miami of Panama, but just as McGowan said, the neighborhood is truly its unique oasis,” she wrote.

You can read the full article here.