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Travel Spotlight on San Blas Island

One more international traveler has fallen in love with Panama. In this case, Wanderlust writer Nick Boulos has written a glowing article focused on the San Blas Islands, the tropical archipelago on the Caribbean coast of Panama.

San Blas is one of those little jewels of Panama that may not be well known internationally but is never forgotten by the people who visit. Ecotourists are familiar with San Blas, which offers more than 350 pristine islands that are home to a wide array of wildlife and fauna.

Boulos focused on the cultural aspects of San Blas, which is home to the Guna Yala people. The result is a “more culturally enriching take on ‘beach paradise,’ he writes.

“While the scenery is five-star, the amenities are rather more rustic,” he writes. “And what the archipelago lacks in glamour it makes up for in rare indigenous insight.”

Only tribe members live on the islands and they passionately represent their culture to the travelers who help support their way of life. There are about 50,000 Guna Yala living on the islands and they ensure “an authentic experience for those who visit,” Boulos notes. 

The result is a very different type of island experience. “Life here is slow, refreshingly so,” Boulos writes.

In his article, Boulos details many of the one-of-a-kind experiences available in the area, from relaxing on a deserted island to exploring the islands in a traditional urbor, a dugout canoe.

It is always great to see the beauty of Panama highlighted in the international press.