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Video: Floating ‘SeaPods’ Coming to Panama

Here’s something wild: a European company is marketing the world’s first floating “SeaPod” homes in the waters of Panama’s Caribbean coast.

The “luxury” smart homes will be perched three meters above the water and are designed to accommodate two people. The pods look like modernistic seashells. Each is 77 square meters and is split into three levels, with wraparound panoramic windows for full 360-degree ocean views.

The pods are customizable and can be spruced up with climbing walls, greenhouses, skylights, hot tubs, and patio gardens, according to the marketing materials. Prices range from $295,000 to $1.5 million.

Not surprising, the developers believe the pods will be perfect for eco-travelers and climate-conscious buyers, who want to save the planet but still want all the luxuries. Technology will play a large role in the homes, with software to control lighting, internal air temperature, and water pressure. Owners will use a “smart ring” to control settings, open doors play music, according to coverage in The National. 

Food and essentials will be delivered to homes by drones, according to the developer, Ocean Builders. Self-driving boats will trash and compost, as well as clean up the surrounding ocean waters.

Ocean Builders say they will have 100 pods built waters of Linton Bay Marina in Colon and ready for homeowners by the end of summer 2023.