In the News from Panama

Video: Surfs Up in Panama!

Word is spreading in global surf circles: there are nice waves in Panama this winter.

Panama has been all the rage these past couple weeks,” Surfline reports.

Panama is known for its nice breaks, but the waves have been particularly good this year. In an article titled, “Panama: Where even the closeouts are good,” Surfline reports on a group of young surfers who recently accompanied a filmmaker to Bocas del Toros, one of Panama’s most popular surf destinations.

Or, to put it more succinctly in surfer-ese: “Everyone from Yadin Nicol and Lucas Rogers to Eric Geiselman and Cory Lopez has been packing shacks and cracking hacks in Bocas del Toro, with filmmaker Hunter Martinez not too far behind,” the site reports.

There has been a “solid swell” hitting the beaches which led Martinez to travel to Bocas with surfers John Mel, Shane Borland, and Wil Reid. “Panama has been a hot spot lately,” he says.

Martinez is apparently preparing a new film that will include Panama footage. Meanwhile, he has released a series of clips which show Panama in all its spectacular tubular beauty.

Program 4 from Hunter Martinez on Vimeo.