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Video: Why 181 Multinationals Call Panama Home

A new video produced for Bloomberg by the Panama government explains in succinct detail why Panama is the center of the global supply chain and an essential base for multinational companies. As the video explains, Panama is the gateway to a billion regional customers and is a vital link for any global company.

The proof is in the results: more than 181 multinational companies now have operations in Panama. That’s a tremendous testimony to the country’s business climate and the government’s efforts to create a welcoming tax environment for companies.

At PPR, the multinationals are a key driver for rentals and sales, attracting well-paid executives and their families. Our industry-leading property management team has relationships with many of the biggest companies, including Caterpillar, Sony, and Procter & Gamble. We work with the companies to place their leaders in homes, and we’ve seen how the market has consistently grown over the years, as more and more companies move here.

As the video illustrates, there are myriad reasons why Panama is the perfect location for multinational companies.  

“Panama is the Gateway to the Latin American market with an unmatched geographic location and the best connectivity by air, land, and sea; an open-dollarized economy with a pro-business government that facilitates investments and the most stable socio-economic and political environment in Latin America,” says José Alejandro Rojas, Minister of Foreign Investment, Republic of Panama

But the attraction goes beyond logistics. Panama is also a country with a rich history of supporting the region’s supply chain, creating a true melting pot that is welcome to all communities.

You can watch the video here.