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A Day at Seascape, Panama’s Waterfront Wellness Resort

By Jose Arberola

Seascape, the residential resort under development on the Ocean Reef Island, is the place where luxury meets wellness. It is the first luxury project in Panama City focused completely on your well-being and supporting a healthy lifestyle. 

As Seascape becomes a reality, it’s easy to imagine how your day will look and feel as a Seascape homeowner.

First off, you have to picture the location–a beautiful waterfront on a secure island in the heart of Panama Bay, minutes from the heart of the city. You wake up everyday facing the energy of the sun and the Pacific Ocean. You jump off the bed and stretch on the yoga deck, followed by a short meditation session on a grass lawn as the ocean breeze calms the air. Maybe take a minute to book a massage or a facial, or get personalized advice from a certified nutritionist. 

After soothing the mind, you head to the gym, where a personal trainer is waiting for you.  You get a good sweat going and when you finish your morning routine you grab a fresh juice from the juice bar. Now you are ready to start the day fully energized!

Work may mean a short five-minute commute into the city, but maybe you’d rather work from home. No problem. Seascape’s co-working space will be equipped with everything you need to conduct business, set in the perfect environment for you to be productive without leaving your community. And if you need to participate in a webinar or virtual meeting, the Smart-Room will be ready for you to host high-end meetings.

When you’re finished with your work, it’s time for a break. Maybe take a quick swim in the lap pool or join your neighbors for a tennis or paddle tennis match. Maybe you will join your kids for a quick soccer, basketball or volleyball showdown, right outside your backyard. Or enjoy the cool water sports available steps from your home at Sescape’s exclusive water sports center. 

As the afternoon winds up, maybe you invite your spouse or friends over for a glass of wine from your own private wine cellar. Unwind over the fire pit or relax in the beach hammocks relaxation area. The setting allows you to quickly leave your tension behind, as the sun begins to set over the ocean. 

 In the warm Panama evening, celebrate in the piano lounge after dinner at the Chef Table on the pool deck. There’s no doubt about it–this is the life.

Everything that surrounds you in Seascape speaks to nature and well being. It is a haven for a healthier life. Your weekdays and weekends will never be the same

Want to learn more about Seascape? Contact me now and I can let you know more about our exclusive offerings in this one-of-a-kind development.

Jose Arberola is Project Manager for Punta Pacifica Realty, the largest sales, rental, and property management firm in Panama City.