In the News from Panama

Explore Hundreds of Islands from Your Backyard

Panama City is known for its thriving downtown and Casco Viejo, but it also serves as a home base to explore one of the most beautiful collections of islands on the Pacific Coast.

The Pearl Islands are only 30 miles off the coast and they provide a true wonderland of lush tropics, hidden coves, and world-class fishing. From the capital, you are within a two-hour sail from a wide array of postcard-like islands that rival the best-hidden destinations of the Caribbean.

Access to the Pearl Islands is one of the greatest benefits of Ocean Reef, which will include the largest marina in Panama City. Owners will be able to have breakfast on their waterfront patio, stroll to the marina and hours later be eating lunch on a secluded beach on a deserted island.

In many ways, the Pearls are the undiscovered paradise of Latin America. Many travelers may know Contadora, which is a popular destination from the city, with ferries that leave from the dock below the Ocean Club. And you may have heard about the spectacular Ritz Carlton Reserve under construction on Pearl Island, the 20-hectare resort that will bring Caribbean Island-style luxury to Panama.

But there are actually more than 200 islands and islets in the Pearl archipelago, a treasure trove of islands to explore. Each lush island is home to hundreds of species of birds and exotic plants.  For anglers, the waters around the islands are considered among the best in the world for sportfishing.

You can spend years sailing around the islands and find something new every day. Every dream of a tropical Caribbean paradise with white sandy beaches and azure waters can be fulfilled. The best part: they are only 30 miles off the coast from your home in Panama City. For boaters or simply explorers, it’s one of the great, often-overlooked benefits of the Panama City lifestyle. Ocean Reef will make the lifestyle a reality.


Want to learn more about the island lifestyle in Panama? Contact me now and I’d be happy to talk more details about the marina and new yacht club, as well as my personal experiences exploring the Pearls.