In the News from Panama

PPR Hiring After Record-Setting 2020 Start

The Punta Pacifica Realty team has done it again. The largest luxury sales, rental and property management firm in Panama started the new decade with a record-setting month, breaking the previous rental record with 39 completed rentals in January followed by an impressive 28 more in February.

January and February are always busy months for us, but these results are really extraordinary, illustrating the professionalism and dedication of our team and the confidence of our clients. We earn many new clients by word of mouth–happy customers are our best advertisement.

For me, the results are really evidence of the great team we’re building at PPR. This success comes from people coming together and sharing a desire to grow, learn and excel in their roles. In management, we work hard to encourage everybody’s personal success, as well as the team’s success.

Wednesday Sales Team Traning Meetings

We offer education and training programs and get together as a team on a weekly basis to discuss how we can get better at what we do. We’ve also developed incentive programs to make sure people are rewarded when they do great. One measure of success is the number of long relationships we have built on the staff. Many of our key people have been with us for years. They have grown together and are now among the leading experts in the field in Panama City.

In the wake of the recent results, we’re going to be growing the team. And we’ll be looking for special people with passion and dedication to be part of this winning team.

They’ve posted some big wins in recent years, but 2020 is proving to be a real standout. Successfully completing more than a rental a day for two consecutive months is a record for us, but it is almost certainly a record for Panama’s real estate in general. In a market where many firms are downsizing PPR is pushing the bar to increase not only transactions but the number of loyal clients and quality apartments we have to offer.

Team Leader Brian Kelly and Sales Agent Eduardo Perez

Individual highlights of the record-breaking Jan include Eduardo Perez, who assisted in 18 successful rentals, breaking the previous record of 15 held by senior associate Raul Hassan. The results earn Eduardo a spot in PPR’s exclusive Montblanc Club, which recognizes outstanding achievement. (Raul has earned Montblanc status an unprecedented four times.)

As a result of Eduardo and Raul’s lofty status, we’ve been inspired to create an entirely new level of achievement award–the Ambassador’s Club, which will honor team members who achieve 15 rentals or more in a month or assist with six successful sales transactions. Winners will receive two round-trip international airline tickets to enjoy and celebrate their accomplishments.

These individual results are more than most companies produce from their entire team in a month and we recognize they don’t happen by accident. We’ve instituted a series of measures to help our team members grow and improve their skills, including the daily accountability program led by team leaders Laura Soto and Brian Kelly.  Additionally, significant support is provided by our property management, marketing, and legal teams.

           PPR Multinational Clients

The success can also be attributed to PPR’s flourishing relationships with multinational and relocation companies, such as UBS Bank and Latin America Relocation Management (LARM) which provide a steady flow of rental clients each month.

Many have chosen to exclusively work with PPR, recognizing our outstanding track record and professional Property Management division, which not only assists in a smooth move-in process for tenants but also provides prompt and efficient service for both the property owner and tenant.

To celebrate the record-setting start of the year, the entire 42 member PPR team will be going on a Catamaran trip to beautiful Taboga Island. It will be a well-deserved break for the staff before we return home and get back to work.

PPR continues to expand and we are always looking for talented individuals who are eager to grow and expand their horizons. It’s not for everyone–the right people will have a desire to explore new ideas and take advantage of our training and personal growth opportunities. We’ve set ambitious goals of having 1,000 apartments under management and achieving 100 rentals a month by 2025.

PPR is a fun place to work with many rewards, but it requires dedication and a willingness to grow. Know anyone who might be interested in an exciting new career opportunity? Contact me now.

Jeff Barton is Managing Director of Punta Pacifica Realty, the largest sales, rental and property management company in Panama City.