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PRR’s Raul Hassan Hits Another Service Milestone

He’s done it again! Sales agent Raul Hassan has once again earned membership in Punta Pacifica Realty’s (PPR) exclusive Montblanc Club by helping 11 happy rental customers find new homes last month.

This is the fourth time Raul has earned the coveted Mont Blanc status, which primarily recognizes exemplary service. Thanks to Raul, at this point, it might be time to launch a Hall of Fame for the Montblanc Club, or maybe a special platinum level.

“At PPR, Raul is known for not simply finding the best rental home for our valued clients, he always provides follow up service to ensure they are comfortable and happy,” says PPR managing director Jeff Barton.

In every way, Raul is a source of motivation for all his peers and a true example of focus and persistence. He is widely recognized as one of the firm’s top producers. And he has developed deep connections with the leading relocation companies, providing a huge benefit to PPR’s property management clients. His clients are often executives with the top multinational firms in Panama City.

“This is a relationship business and Raul has created strong bonds throughout the rental community,” Barton says.

Raul was the first PPR team member to earn Montblanc status in Jan. 2017 and he was the first to hit the mark for a second and third time (although some team members are trying to catch up). The club recognizes team members that achieve a minimum of 10 rental or 4 sales contracts in a month. The award comes with a variety of honors, including executive pens and keychains, as well as the recognition of achievement in the office.

The award also recognizes the healthy competition among team members to excel and get better at their craft. PPR management supports a variety of initiatives to help staff grow in their careers.

“We all look for ways to improve and grow our base of loyal clients,” Hassan says. “Any time I can connect someone to a beautiful new home, it makes me happy.”