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Your Chance to Own a Unicorn

Every once in a while a rare, one-of-a-kind opportunity appears in the property business. We call them unicorns, in reference to their rarity and magical appeal.

One of those unicorns just showed up in Panama City. There is exactly one–one!–1-bedroom apartment currently available on Ocean Reef, the two islands in Panama Bay. And the best part is this 1-bedroom is in Seascape, the spectacular new waterfront development that is the first Panama City development focused on wellness and healthy living.

This is an opportunity to live on Ocean Reef and enjoy all the benefits of living on an island, 10 minutes from downtown, at half the price of your neighbors. No other project on Ocean Reef offers 1-bedroom units, which is why this is a rare sighting on the islands.

In our experience as the exclusive agent for Beach Club Residences, we’ve seen the interest in smaller apartments on Ocean Reef. BCR has been a huge hit, taking full advantage of all the attributes of the beautiful islands, which will be anchored by Panama City’s largest yacht club. But there were no 1-bedroom apartments available in BCR, and buyers repeatedly asked about it.

In the initial designs, there wasn’t a 1-bedroom in Seascape, either. But during the process of designing the ground level amenities a special spot was found for a single 1-bedroom home. While the 1-bedroom home in Seascape is a unicorn, it’s no cut-rate unit. The bright, open floor plan gives you the opportunity to appreciate the beautiful sunrises. The apartment also includes a  40-square-meter private garden area, two parking spaces and access to all the amenities of one of Panama City’s most prestigious developments.

Seascape is a very special project, in many ways. In addition to its spectacular waterfront location on Ocean Reef, it offers an impressive array of amenities, all focused on creating an atmosphere that promotes the health and wellness of the residents. From spas and respite and on-site health consultants, it is the first Panama City development to make wellness a top priority.

As an investment, this 1-bedroom unit checks all the boxes. It has location, special attributes and it’s one-of-a-kind, ensuring it will always stand apart from the competition and generate its own demand.

Want your shot at a unicorn? Don’t delay. This one is sure to fade into the mist soon and will never be seen again.

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